R3 Brand Services

R3 Colorings offers three artful brand services


R3 Colorings offers 1:1 consultation and design.  

Let’s work together to create that special brand mark that everyone will recognize and connect to your company’s values and mission. And let’s make it artful. 


R3 Colorings will design your catalog, host your merch, and manage fulfillment via Printify and Shopify integrations.

I built and managed DocuSign’s Branded Merchandise Storefront, and then I built one for my own company to begin offering my artful apparel and products via the Shopify/Printify (plus others) integrations….so let’s do the same for you! 

I will design and build a full branded merchandise catalog and house approved SWAG on your branded client page on www.R3Colorings.com.

All sales and distribution are automated (via my Shopify/Printify integrations) so take full advantage of this partnership so you don’t have to do a thing!

All of your employee or client orders will be managed, tracked, and reported to you by R3Colorings. 



R3 Colorings will design, develop, and direct a brand focused group mural project at your offices. It’s a Paint Party with a twist! 

I host Paint n’ Sip events for companies in the SF Bay Area (via Paint-the-Town Events.) It’s great fun. Social, but not forced social!

R3 Coloring would like to offer something new!

How about a group, mural based Paint n’ Sip - focused on your brand?

Let’s create a fun and collaborative team mural in  your office, that builds your brand while spicing up your walls?

It can be a collaboration to create a huge version of your logo. Or how about a colorful scene or collage representing your brand values?

I’ll design a mural for your team to paint, and organize a very unique Paint Party! 

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WhatsApp: 1-415-225-1196