R3 Colorings Roadshow at Bay Area coffeeshops

R3 Colorings Roadshow at Bay Area coffeeshops

I frequently color at local bay area coffee shops.

These days I love to color at my home Starbucks in San Bruno, the Broadway shops in Burlingame, and of course up in SF. Vesuvio in North Beach is my fav spot. 

I now get more energy and motivation doing my work in public these days, because often times it leads to wonderful conversation. They can be casual nods and smiles, friendly chit-chats, or they can shift to R3 Colorings art and brand marketing services (R3 Consultings). 

Each coloring session and conversation are unique. It is organic business building that is 1:1 based and community focused.

I will build R3 Colorings this way. One conversation at a time. 

Keep coloring.


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