Welcome to R3 Colorings Fine Art & Fashion

In 2019, after neglecting a natural gift and not lifting a pencil, pen, or brush for 20 years, I rekindled my passion for art - through coloring books for mindfulness.

Thank you Crayola and Bob Ross!

Thanks for coloring books for mindfulness.

They helped me when I needed to reignite a creative fire in me that I had abandoned.

After working through an entire Bob Ross and Cityscapes coloring book, I found my confidence, discovered my style, and was finally able to claim my identity as (gulp!) an “Artist.”

Changing my mindset from “Brand Marketer with some natural artistic talent” to “Contemporary Fine Artist with a good day job.” was the shift that propelled me to build R3 Colorings. 

In 2020, I launched R3 Colorings, offering my original artworks, prints, apparel, and other colorful products designed to feature my “Colorings."

My style is fluid - focused on perspectives, depth, and playful color activations. My signature collection is called "Rise-or-Set?" which explores abstract horizons and the concept of one's mood or temperament impacting what they see.

Currently, I am building "Count-the-Dots" (pointillism series,) “Rise-OR-Set?” and many other colorful series of ink works, paintings, and more.

Noteable Accomplishments 

  • Displayed in NY’s Times Square (Oct 2023)
  • R3 named to Marquis Who’s Who in America? (Artists Category, 2023)
  • Published 5-minute story called “How Coloring Books Changed my Life” on the Uptime App, discussing ways to find confidence, relieve stress, and more (2023)
  • Cannes Film Festival Abstract Art Exhibition (2022)
  • Solo show (San Francisco, early 2023)