About R3

Impressionistic Pointillism, Fine Art, Artful apparel, and more!

“Art makes me smile again. I want to share that in as many ways as possible.” - Russ R. Robinson (R3)

San Francisco based artist, R3, has been getting noticed and appreciated as a unique and rising talent in contemporary fine art and pointillism.

After not lifting a pencil or brush for 20 years, R3 was able to rekindle his passion, regain confidence, and discover his style - through coloring books for mindfulness.

R3 launched R3 Colorings in 2020, and now you can shop 100’s of R3’s original artworks, prints, apparel, and other colorful products.

R3’s Style

R3’s style is fluid - focused on perspectives, depth, and playful color activations. His signature collection is called "Rise-or-Set?" which explores abstract horizons and the concept of one's mood or temperament impacting what they see. 

Currently, he is building his "Count-the-Dots" pointillism series, along with “Rise-or- Set?” and the “Rainbow” collection. 

R3’s Coloring Story

Originals and Custom Made Prints

A Starry Night in Dots Canvas PrintA Starry Night in Dots Canvas Print