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Thank you for checking out my online gallery & shop. My name is Russ R. Robinson and I have always loved to color things. So it just made sense to call my art business “R3 Colorings.”

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Every item is produced on-demand, after purchase, and delivered within 2-4 weeks. Shipping covered on all orders over $35.

Featured Art & Fashions

New Series Alert!

I call this new series “Lit. Art.” They are fluid and playful flames in a variety of colors. Look for new additions to the Lit. Art. Series, coming soon.

R3 Signature Flowers Fashion Collection

I now have five flowers, all created with the strokes I use to write my signature. The flowers are what pushed me into creating Art Wearables. They come to life on fabrics in motion!

A Starry Night in Dots

“A Starry Night in Dots is my contemporary pointillism homage to Van Gogh’s masterpiece. Executed with Crayola markers on canvas, this artwork is a bold reinterpretation of the timeless classic.