How Coloring Books For Mindfulness Changed My Life

After 20 years of not lifting a pencil, pen, or brush with intent to “create,” I rekindled my passion for art through coloring books.

In 2019, I found that I needed to do something for stress-relief and mindfulness. I wanted to make something beautiful and just get back to basics. I just wanted to color things again!

I’ve always been artistic and conceptual but I had neglected my natural abilities for 20 years. Working in brand marketing jobs (living a bit vicariously through the “creatives” in agencies, tech companies, etc.)
But coloring books cleared my mind. Finishing two entire books helped me find my style. And the entire experience (2019-2020) gave me the confidence I needed to finally identify as an Artist first. 

Today, I paint daily, commission originals, and have designed over 500 unique and vibrant ways to bring my Colorings to life!