Colorings-on-Canvas (Custom Prints)

This is where you can see my entire collection of prints featuring some of my favorite “colorings”.


I only use ink. It has always been my medium of choice. I don’t use paint because I find it too messy and expensive. 

But I have discovered that after three layers of ink, my colors begin “activating” with each other in brilliant ways. That’s when the pieces begin to feel like paintings.

So I call my paintings, “Colorings.” 

Prints On-Demand

All of my “Colorings-on-Canvas” are custom made only when purchased. I only use gallery-grade canvases and each print is available in a variety of sizes. If you don’t see the size you want, drop me an email and I’ll custom design it for you! 

And my catalog is always growing so check back In from time to time to see my new ink works, won’t you?