Commission a Coloring

I like to keep it simple. Because I just want to share my colorings in as many ways as possible. 

If you are looking to add some color to your collection, let’s chat!

My rates are on a three sized scale. 

~ SMALL: $100-$500 (up to 30” x 40”)
~ MEDIUM: $500-$1000 (30” x 30” - 60” x 60”)
~ LARGE: $1000-$20,000 (60” x 60”+)

Pointillism Pieces:
Add 20% for all the dots! 
Count-the-Dots contemporary-pointillism Colorings are typically 20% more due to the extra time needed to do the dots! 

“Rainbow Rise” 40”x30” / $3,500


  • All “Colorings” are created after you tell me everything you want.
  • Pick your medium: inks or acrylic paint. 
  • we discuss your preferences (series, style, colors, and size)
  • Timing and delivery 
  • Finally, do you wants the dots?

I will collect half upfront and the remaining amount ONLY when you are 100% satisfied with your commissioned piece of artwork. 

Lets discuss your Coloring

DM @FineArtistR3 or